Design Build is a method of construction in which an individual or corporation with the desire to build a building starts and works all the way through a project with a general contractor as their point of contact. While design build has always been used as a method of construction, it is becoming increasingly popular as opposed to a segmented approach. Under a segmented approach, a client desiring to build a structure contacts an architect, who draws up a set of plans. Those plans are then used by engineers, contractors, and others to carry out the construction process. In most cases such plans have to be modified, and in some they have to be modified many times throughout the process. These modifications are expensive and when they pile up the customer ends up with the bill for the change orders. Below is a graph of a sample cost comparison for a four-phase construction project. You’ll notice that there are substantial savings when using a cost conscious contractor like Fincon to build your building using the Design Build approach.

How is it that Design Build can be so much cheaper than a segmented approach?

Design build saves money because it streamlines the process of construction in several ways, some of which are mentioned below:

  • The Contractor selects the architect(s) that design the plans. Given Fincon’s extensive experience, we know of many architects that are knowledgeable and cost-conscious, to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process.
  • The Contractor works with the architect(s) for the entirety of the project. Given Fincon’s extensive Experience with building structures of many types, we canĀ foresee a lot of roadblocks and problems that are missed under a segmented approach.
  • Contractors with consistent experience building structures and purchasing the materials for them become familiar with effective vs ineffective methods that are seemingly indistinguishable on paper in the concept of many architects.
  • Experienced Contractors know what building code inspectors look for. By understanding what things are going to sail through inspection and which will cause a lot of difficulty, projects are completed faster, with lower cost, and sometimes most importantly — with reduced consternation.
  • Since all parties involved in construction are on the same team, the client doesn’t have to worry about disagreements and problems developing due to a lack of cohesion.

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